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I'm Lena Chen, a writer, activist, and media producer who's been called a "skank" (by Bill O'Reilly) and "a small Asian woman" (by The New York Times). My favorite part of my workday is the hate mail.

For the unlikely story that is my life, read on.

warning/disclaimer Visitors on this website are being outted and targeted for harassment. Please use pseudonyms when leaving comments, "liking" posts, or entering giveaways.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I feel like there should be a disclaimer front and center on the site about the harassment that regular commenters have been getting. I remember that right after it all broke, everybody went anonymous, but now that it's been some time I'm seeing a lot of new commenters with names and faces and links to blogs/Disqus accounts. This really worries me. I don't want these people to become the next round of targets just because they weren't around to see the shit that went down last time.
lenachen lenachen Said:

Thanks for suggesting this. I don’t want to rehash the past for those who already know it, so if you don’t know the backstory, refer to these links:

Slut-Shaming In Action: A Warning To Readers
Cyber-Bullying & Slut-Shaming: A Cautionary Tale
Reader Question: “Why Do You Think You Have So Many Haters?”
This Is What Slut-Shaming Looks Like

For whatever reason, this blog attracts some rather malicious characters, so if you don’t want your name to be tainted by association, you should 1) leave comments under a pseudonym and 2) only “like” my posts if you’re not logged in on an account traceable to your real identity. Exercising caution is in YOUR best interest! The only stuff I control is on my site. I can’t do anything about anonymous trolls ruining your online reputation elsewhere, nor do I know who these people are or how to stop them.

I’ve added a link to this disclaimer on my sidebar, too.

More burning questions or comments? Submit them here.

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