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"According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), use of IUDs by female ob-gyns is three times greater than that of the general public.”

Not that it’s a competition, but I humbly predict the public will soon follow. Since I switched from the Pill to the IUD in 2009, I’ve heard more and more stories from readers and friends about people clamoring to get them - some even go as far as crossing the border to Canada, which frankly impresses me. Trend or cult? I don’t think the IUD is going to get any less popular (and I think a lot of readers would agree).

  1. smorts said: I’ve heard from several friends that the insertion process and several days following can be extremely painful - and that not much is offered in the way of painkillers/pain relief. Is there a health reason, or is it unnecessary suffering?
  2. thenewandimprovedsam said: I love my paraguard!!!!
  3. atheologist said: I hated my IUD. There was a potential allergy issue with Paraguard, so I got Mirena and my body just never adjusted. Constant bloating, perpetual spotting, long periods, acne, painful orgasms. It was just not a good match.
  4. lenachen posted this