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I'm Lena Chen, a writer, activist, and media producer who's been called a "skank" (by Bill O'Reilly) and "a small Asian woman" (by The New York Times). My favorite part of my workday is the hate mail.

For the unlikely story that is my life, read on.

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The SXSW Panelpicker is now open! And it can’t be a coincidence that voting starts on my birthday ;) I had a blast this past March when I hit the conference for the first time with my friend Lux (editor of Fleshbot). I came away with a ton of fresh ideas for my writing, all while slumberpartying and taking full advantage of the local cuisine.

This year, our proposal examines how technology can help society overcome social norms and challenge the dominant sexual narrative. Pretty please send me to Austin in 2013? Thanks and if you like our ideas, spread the link :)