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I'm Lena Chen, a writer, activist, and media producer who's been called a "skank" (by Bill O'Reilly) and "a small Asian woman" (by The New York Times). My favorite part of my workday is the hate mail.

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Some snapshots from a tennis court in Los Angeles. Taken in February 2011. FEBRUARY. And the weather was probably warmer then than November in Boston. I so need to go home again.

Anatomy of the Outfit: Qi cashmere fringe hoodie (via Swirl), Marc Jacobs top, Loeffler Randall shorts (via Swirl), Napapijri wedges, Leyla bag.

Photo Credit: Patrick Hamm

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  2. jdotcole said: Are these the courts by Macy? I haven’t been there in forever..
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