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My college roommate got mugged at gunpoint in Williamsburg last night. Now is probably a good time for me to get new mace and/or pepper spray. I brought some when I first got to college, but I later learned that because I’m a Massachusetts resident, I have to obtain a Firearms Identification Card to legally carry it with me. (This is the ONLY state that requires this.)

Pepper Spray and Mace are a chemical agents used as a form of self-defense by law enforcement agents and civilians against attacking animals or violent individuals.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are allowed to buy pepper spray  or mace. However, under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140, Section 129B, the state puts restrictions on pepper spray/mace purchases.

There are many web sites that will sell mace, but in Massachusetts you can only buy from licensed firearms dealers. Additionally, to carry mace, you must posses a Firearms Identification Card, and can only obtain it if you are 18 or older (15-17 years old with parental consent).

I think this is exceedingly stupid, but apparently, I can fill out all the requisite information at a local police station. I can’t, however, seem to find any firearms dealers in the Boston area :( Anyone know where I can get some pepper spray? Usually, I’d go online but pepper spray and mace can’t be shipped to Massachusetts either.

  1. nozamatroz said: try the gun show by house of blues maybe?
  2. nocturnal--darling said: I live in California, but my boyfriends mom got it at those gift shops that they have at car wash/car repair places. Ironic, my boyfriends mother giving me pepper spray XD but I have it just in case now.
  3. retromodernelle said: Pepper spray is usually available at sporting goods stores outside of MA, and it might be worth checking out if any also have hunting supplies in state. Otherwise, you’re more likely to find firearms dealers in the central/western part of the state.
  4. lenachen posted this